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Student Guide



  • Leave your ego out of the academy.

  • If you are late, go and say “hi” to the instructor so they know you arrived, wait on the side to be welcomed onto the mats

  • Always bow or greet the Professor or instructor leading the class when you enter the mat. To give and show respect, even if you are late.

  • Use manners

  • No foul language

  • Maintain your posture during class, no laying down or leaning on the wall.  

  • Don’t take your jacket off because you are tired or hot, wait until you finish the class

  • Learn to tie your belt. Ask a senior member to help you if you are unsure

  • During the class if you must leave the mat, inform  the professor/coach FIRST.

  • AGGRESSION is not tolerated at NZBJJ; you will NOT be welcomed at the club if you are AGGRESSIVE towards your team members


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Your Uniform & Personal Hygiene


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a close contact sport; we need to be extra hygienic in order to protect ourselves and our team mates from sickness.

  • Practice good hygiene.

  • Your FINGER & TOE nails should be clean and short; this is for hygiene reasons plus for protecting our mats.

  • Please remove any jewellery that may be pulled out of the skin while rolling – OUCH!

  • Do not come to the gym SICK.

  • Wash your GI after every class.

  • Wear clean GI or NO GI attire and tear-free

  • Anti viral/bacteria spray is available to clean BLOOD off the mats, please use with paper towels.

  • We provide tissues, rubber gloves, hand sanitizer, wipes and a FIRST AID KIT.

  • Wear jandles/footwear to the TOILET and off the mats. 

  • For grading and seminars a WHITE GI is compulsory unless other gi colour is required by the organisers. (We recommend the FIRST GI you purchase is WHITE)

  • No shoes, food or drink on the mats! Pick up your empty water bottles after training.



  • Always come to class “Ready and Prepared to Train!”

  • Leave your pride outside, come in and learn

  • Work hard and be encouraging to your teammates.

  • Know which techniques or body manipulation is off limits; especially for white belts.

  • Bring to class your own DRINK BOTTLE & JANDALS (towel if you sweat a lot)

  • Maintain your posture during class, no laying down or leaning on the wall.  

  • Show RESPECT by bowing before you enter the mat and leave the mat.

  • When sparring, don’t stop during the round, do the round until it’s over

  • No coaching from outside the mats

  • If someone is rolling too aggressively, don’t be afraid to tell them to calm down.

  • Respect the tap; ALWAYS.

  • Show respect for your teammates when drilling and rolling; don’t be a spaz, stay focused.

  • Use a fist bump and slap to start a roll with your training partner.  It is a sign of respect and a way to signify that we are training and not “fighting” each other.

  • End a roll with a handshake and a good word

  • At the end of each training session, line up quickly with your belt properly on in order of belt rank to listen and thank your instructors and teammates at the end of each session; we do this no matter how tired we are as a sign of respect to the academy, the instructors, and your teammates.

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